Thursday, November 3, 2011

A "Much Cooler than the Average Harry Potter Wand" Tutorial, Witch Hat and Skirt Tutorial, And a Lifestyle Crafts Warehouse Sale!

I know- it's November.... but I couldn't get too far from Halloween and not share with you the fun projects we did this year for Halloween.  Maybe it will help inspire you for next year!

My boys love being characters that match.  Last year they were Mario and Luigi, and this year they wanted to be Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.  I was ALL for it!  I LOVE Harry Potter and couldn't wait to get started!
My favorite part of their costumes were their wands!  Check these babies out!
(and yes- of COURSE I made them :)

 I've seen other tutorial like this, but I think my way is so much cooler ;)
Take a 5/8 inch wood dowel and cut to desired length.  Ours are about 16 inches long.

Using a utility knife, shave the dowel to a rough point on one end.  I did this outside because it makes a huge mess.  Shave it AWAY from you, like you would peel a carrot.  Please don't slice off any vital parts of your body.
There would be massive blood loss.
The knife occasionally gets "stuck" and that makes it look more rustic, so go with it!
The knobby rough look makes it look more like it does in the movie. 
After that I sanded the wand as best as I could because little boy hands don't want slivers in them on Halloween night.
Then hold the wand's "handle end" in your hand and mark either side of your hand with a pen.  This is where the "cooler that other tutorials" part comes in:

 Using your hot glue gun, place a ring of hot glue around both marks.
 Then, on the bottom of the wand, start adding layers of hot glue rings around the wand.  Let the glue dry a bit between layers, or they'll all "melt" together into one big blob.  I want the individual rings to show.
 Add more........
 Then repeat on the other line.  Add as many rings as you want.  Don't be perfect.  The messier and more un-even the better.
 Then I took the hot glue gun and randomly "drew" up and down the wand.  Don't be perfect.  I know you want to be perfect.  It looks cooler if it's un-even.
 Draw random squiggles.......

 Then let them harden completely.  I put them in a glass to dry.
 When they're completely dry and have hardened, spray paint the wands your desired color.  I used Krylon Satin Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  Paint all sides.  Do a few coats.
 And voila!
 The coolest wands (and cutest Harry and Ron) you've ever laid your eyes on :)
Also- wanna see our Witches Night Out costumes?
Witches Night Out is a big Halloween event here in Utah, and women from all over dress up and gather to shop and eat and have fun.  Here is my mom, my sister, and me!
 We bought Witch hats and embellished them with random items from the floral department at Hobby Lobby.  We used peacock feathers, black feathers, blingy curly things, sparkly things, I don't know what to call any of it.  If it was big and sparkly and cool, we hot-glued it on.
We also made our skirts using tulle from Hobby Lobby that you buy from the big bolts.  We bought two yards of each color and cut them into 6 inch wide strips and wrapped them around a piece of elastic.  What do you think?
And here's my cute daughter.  She's too cute to not post her picture!
If you're from my part of the world, I hope you had a fabulous Halloween.

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