Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cricut Christmas Stockings

I made these stockings two years ago but I didn't have a blog back then.  We decorated the house and put up the Christmas tree on Sunday and I thought- I really need to photograph and blog about these!

I got a new sewing machine that year and couldn't wait to use it.

These were SO much fun to make!  We needed stockings, and I love the idea of something homemade that my kids can keep to remember me.  I have a homemade stocking that my great-grandmother gave me that I will always cherish.

I made these using the Cricut.  The two cartridges I used were Doodlecharms and Paper Doll Dress-Up.  I used Cricut Design Studio to stretch and "fatten" some of the characters so that they all had the same dimensions.  Though the Cricut probably could have cut the felt- I didn't want to mess with ruining the mat with fuzz so I didn't try it.  Instead I cut the images with paper and used them like I would any fabric pattern.  It was actually pretty fast.

This one's my husband's.  I straight stitched most of Santa and then blanket stitched the edges of the red to make it "pop" a bit more.  All stitches are done using my sewing machine.  The snowflakes were done using one of the design stitches on my machine, and sewing lots of intersecting lines to create the snowflake look.

This one's mine :)

My son chose a gingerbread man:

My daughter was a newborn, and a little angel, so I thought an angel was appropriate for her :)
 the necklaces' star is a brad.

 And here's my son's reindeer.  I think this one's my favorite!  So cute!

Then I finished them up by trimming the fuzz a bit and embroidering everyone's names on them using a Bernette embroidery machine.

I've been crafting like crazy lately.  I made cards all day today and I'm excited to start on some Christmas crafts!  I'm starting another advent calendar, too.  THIS ONE I recently made is for "events," the next one's for treats!

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To enter to this week's giveaway- follow the instructions HERE and tell them "Rhinestones and Ribbon sent me".


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  1. you must have an awesome sewing machine and a lot more experience sewing than i do! those are so cute!!


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