Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doodlebug's NEW 3x3 Create-A-Cards!

Doodlebug's CHA releases were spectacular.  I can't wait to play with it all!
One of their newest products are these darling little 3x3 sized versions of their oh-so-popular Create-A-Cards, and I made some little bitty cards from them using a variety of collections.
They were so fun to make and took almost no time at all!

Home Sweet Home (featuring the Welcome Home collection and the Home Sweet Home Doodle-Pop)

Make A Wish (featuring the Birthday Celebration collection and the "Little Bot" Doodle-Pop)

Baby (featuring the Sugar & Spice collection)

Valentine's Card (featuring the Sweet Cakes collection and the "Sweetheart" Doodle-Pop)

Birthday Card (featuring the Cake & Ice Cream collection and the "Cuppy Cake" Doodle-Pop)

Teacher Card (featuring the Ladybug Garden collection and the "For Teacher" Doodle-Pop)

I love how fast and easy these tiny cards come together!
I can see myself using these a lot.

Jump over to the Doodlebug Blog to see more fun projects made with these 3x3 cards all this week!



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