Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School with Imaginisce- Magnet Board Gift with Tutorial

Imaginisce is celebrating Back To School on the blog- and it's perfect timing.
My kids just went back TODAY!

YAY!!! :)

I created a super super simple teacher gift and I've included a photo tutorial so you can make one for your child's teacher, too!  It's a magnet board!

With cute little matching magnets

To get started, you will need:

- a stiff metal sheet (you can find these already made from the craft store)
- a 1 1/4 inch circle punch
- a 2x4 cut to the length of your metal sheet
- magnets
- glass pebbles (from the floral section of the craft store- 1 1/4 diameter)
- paint
- Mod-Podge (how many tutorials have I done with Mod-Podge? :)
- foam brush
- paper plate
- Crystal Effects or E6000 or Glossy Accents (all dry crystal clear)
- patterned paper
- I-Bond glue gun and black glue sticks
Cut a slanted notch into the 2x4 for the metal to go into.  Paint the board black (or desired color).

When the paint has dried, put some Mod-Podge onto a paper plate, and using a foam brush, apply a thick coat to the front of the wood.  Place the paper over the top, and then smooth out using a hard plastic item, such as a ruler or a vinyl applicator or a plastic gift card.  Smoothing it gets a good seal and gets the bubbles out.
 Then paint another layer of Mod-Podge over the top of the paper and wipe off the excess and smooth out the brush strokes.

Repeat the steps with the other paper strip.

Then, to make the magnets:
Punch out several images from your patterned paper.
Apply a TINY bead of Crystal Effects (or Glossy Accents, or E6000) to the back of the glass pebble.
Gently press the punched image face down into the Crystal Effects.  Turn it over to see if you've pressed out all the air bubbles.  Press until they're gone and wipe off the excess. (E6000's the least messy glue I've done this with, it's thick).

When your pebbles have dried, add the magnets.
Use black glue sticks to make the project more clean looking.


Just put it together and add a ribbon and you've got a darling gift any teacher would love to receive.

Thanks for visiting!
See more "Back To School" projects over on the Imaginisce Blog all this week!



  1. This looks simply awesome! Such a cute project!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my designer showcase at the Bo Bunny blog.
    You asked me about the punches that I used on my lay-outs, so I looked the names up for you:

    At 19: 'swirling lace' for the edges, 'vintage doily' for the pleated circle

    If you see someone...: 'vintage floral' for the edges of the rectangle

    I hope that helps:)

  2. This is a fantastic project! Thanks for sharing!


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