Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doodlebug and Scor-Pal- A Tutorial!

The Doodlebug Design Team had the pleasure this week of working with the Scor-Pal scoring tool!
I love the way that scoring adds so much dimension and interest to projects.

Here I used tool to create a fun fold card- and I've put together a step-by-step photo tutorial on how I created the card.

It has such a fun design- and it folds flat to fit inside an envelope!
(unless you put a huge rosette on it like I did :)  Then you'll need a BIG envelope)

First: You need a Scor-Pal tool.
See the Scor-Pal and Scor-Pal Buddy on their website HERE (

You'll need a 4 1/2 x 12 piece of cardstock.

Measure and mark the cardstock with these 6 lines (as shown) with a pencil:
(don't really write the numbers unless you want to- that's just to help you)
3/4 inch in from both sides
7 inches from the bottom
6 inches from the bottom
2 inches from the bottom
1 inch from the bottom

Then, change the lines to look like this- and erase the rest.
(again- you don't need to write the numbers)
The dashed lines will be scored and the solid lines will be cut.

Place your prepared cardstock on your Scor-Pal.  Line up your pencil marks with the marks on the tool.

Press the score lines with the included bone folder and drag to score.
Score both the 1" and 2" lines....

And the 6" and 7" lines....

and don't forget all the bottom score lines.

Then you'll take your paper to the trimmer and cut the solid lines.
(I actually found it much easier to do this step with an Xacto knife and mat and a ruler).

See? Wonky lines with the trimmer :)
I suggest an Xacto knife.

Then fold like so-

And embellish!
To make the rosette cut a 1" wide strip of 12" long cardstock.
(1" wide will make a 2" in diameter rosette).

Score the strip every 1/4" using the bone folder and the Scor-Pal

Then fan-fold the strip.
After fan folding- wrap into a circle and connect the ends using Tacky Tape or Sticky strip.
Secure the rosette by gluing it on top of a cardstock circle.  I like using hot glue or more Sticky Strip.  I hear Glossy Accents glue also works well for this.

I also used the Scor-Pal to score down the front of the ribbon "tails."
Makes them pop!
For this card I used Doodlebug's "Boys Only" collection,
as well as their brand new Teensy Type letter stickers!

See more fun Scor-Pal projects all this week on the Doodlebug Blog!



  1. Thanks for the instructions Tiffany I plan to try this one this weekend!!!

  2. Way cute! Thanks for the instructions, I'll make this.

    Carla from Utah

  3. Very cool card. Nicely done.


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