Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bridal Shower

I absolutely love parties!  I love hosting them, I love having people over, I love the atmosphere.....and I love the FOOD! :)  I enjoy throwing parties for family and friends, and recently I had the chance to invite some new friends over when I hosted a bridal shower for a sweet friend, and I wanted to share some fun ideas with you using the L Letterpress and Lifestyle Crafts dies.

I love the look of the Flourish printing plates- I think they look so elegant.  What better thing to use them for than a bridal shower!  You could totally change this up a bit and make these for wedding invitations as well.  These were the invitations for the shower.  I also used the Calligraphy printing plates for the monogram, and the Splendid printing plates for the words.

 The design for the card is courtesy of the A7 Card Collection dies.  The die cuts the front of the card and also cuts the doors.  What a fun way to open an invitation!
The monogram was letterpressed and then cut out using the Nesting Frames 4 die set, which is my all-time favorite die set in the Possibilities Release.

I made special bags for some of the food items- these were cinnamon chips that had a fruit "salsa" dip.  Sounds weird, I know, but so SO good!
I used the paper bag die, trellis border die, and nesting blossom dies for these bags.
I also used more nesting frames for the food labels.  Isn't nesting frames 3 elegant?  Love it!

I wrapped the cupcakes in the Botanical cupcake liner die

I also wanted to find a cute way to give advice to the bride, so I had each guest select a flower when they arrived and had them write their best marriage advice for the bride and add it to a "bouquet."



  1. Just beautiful! I would really like to know how to make the holders with the alligator clip (I think that's what they're called?!) to hold your food labels. Exactly what I need for my holiday parties!

  2. I used alligator clips that you can find at the hardware store (they're used for electrical, and have a red bottom and metal alligator clip at the other end). I painted the red end black and found wood dowels that were the right size to fit inside the hole of the rubber end of the alligator clip (the red end- now painted black). I painted them black and secured them with glue so they wouldn't come off when I stored them. Then I cut out 2x2 inch wood cubes and drilled a hole in the center the same size as the dowel, painted them black, and glued the dowel inside the hole. Then I tied a ribbon around the top. I use these for everything. I have about 13 of them. I used to use them for card-making parties to hold the examples.

  3. actually, my cubes are smaller than 2x2, but I'd do 2x2 because sometimes these are top-heavy and fall over if bumped.

  4. Well, I love them! You did such a great job! :) Now I need to make a list and head to Lowes, LOL.

    BTW, I love your scrapbook room and was thrilled for you becoming a Doodlebug DT! Congrats! :)


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