Friday, October 14, 2011

Bridal Shower Part 2!

I want to show you two more fun ideas from the bridal shower I showed you yesterday.  In case you missed it, here's the post

This first one was my mom's idea (thank you, mom).  She's super crafty, too, and she thought of this beautiful centerpiece and put it together.
It's such a fun idea.  Just use a metal dress-form that you can buy at Hobby Lobby or other home decor stores, wrap it in white tulle, and add a colored sash of tulle to the waist.  Pin a second long piece of tulle to the dress as the "train" and either stitch on a piece of lace to the bottom using a basting stitch, or pin from the inside.  Then we added a rhinestone flourish that you can buy at any craft store.  Flourishes come already like that, just peel and stick!  The dress-form was really tall and the dress really made a statement on the table.

The other decor item I wanted to show you is the cute pom-poms.
 My friend Andrea showed me how to make these (the yellow ones).  You can find the instructions on Martha Stewart's website HERE.  They're super simple!  You can hang them, put them on shelves, make mini ones, and they're so cute!  These big ones took 8-10 pieces of tissue paper each.  You'll see these again at my daughter's birthday party, coming up soon!

Also- some exciting news!
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