Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 Minute Card for my Cute Boy

My sweet but accident-prone 5 year old boy broke his foot and we've spent the entire morning at the doctor's office, at the pharmacy, and getting crutches. He's had a rough day. He has to stay home from school today and keep his leg up so the swelling can go down, then he gets a "sweet green cast" on Friday. 
(He's excited about that).

He loves the "monster paper" mommy's been playing with. I FINALLY got my hands on the Monster Mania collection! And the cute blue monster that's been on my facebook page is now IN MY HOUSE! He's too cute to use!
So I decided to make my son a quick card to make him smile, and got him a "sweet green slushie" and some treats.
Cute, huh?  My husband liked it, and my son lit up :)
The little purple guy's now watching my son play video games with his googly eye :)

Here's our morning adventure:

He's actually pretty good on the crutches already.

And here's a picture of my darling daughter with her black eye she got over the weekend falling down the metal stairs of the trailer we camped in.
Guess what I was feeling taking my two broken children to the doctor's office?
"Yeah- they're going to call DCFS"
Isn't she cute?
Hopefully they'll both be healed by Halloween, or I can make them pirates.
One with an eye patch and one with a peg leg.
Ha ha ha.......I kill me :)


  1. lmao, love the idea of the costumes for Halloween, great sense of humor, which is evidently a good thing for you to have these days! That card is adorable! :)

  2. Thank you so much, he's doing well (and my daughter, too).

  3. Savannah keeps telling me how sad it is that Carter has to miss school. She says it's just not the same without him! Hope he rests up so he can come next week!

  4. He got his cast on today, bright lime green :) He's doing well, just has to keep his leg up and iced for another day or two.


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