Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mexico Layout and For You Card

It's Wednesday, so deemed in my universe "So You Think You Can Dance Day." I'm a dancer, and I won't say "former dancer" because whether or not you've done a fouette turn, a leap, or a triple pirouette recently, it's always in your soul. The most I dance now is by myself on my kitchen floor, but I secretly wish I could dance like Melanie :)

I can't just watch the show, I become a part of it. You could be sitting right next to me talking to me and I won't hear you, which is why I DVR it and watch it after the kids are in bed. Now it's nearly midnight, and I'm done, for tonight anyway, rewinding and re-playing the routines, sometimes more than once (or 5 or 6 times- I know- sounds extreme) and so now I can get some other things done, such as paying the bills and updating my blog. It's been a bit neglected over the last few days, but for good reason. I've been given the next release for Lifestyle Crafts, which is three times as big as prior releases I've been given, and I've also spent the last couple of days working on a number of projects for another company, which I'm very excited about, but I can't show you any of those projects.....for now :) You should see my craft room. I took pictures, I'll show you later. You can't see the furniture it's so covered in stuff :)

Here are a couple more projects from the Tropical Splash release. Again, look past the photography. I need a 12x12 scanner I've decided:

Paper is Bo Bunny, cardstock from Stampin' Up. I combined several dies and used them with one another, you don't have to use the die the way it was intended, it's your project, do whatever you want! This layout features the Tiki Font, Palm Tree Frame, Surfboard dies, Sunset die, and Sandcastle die.
This card is one of my favorites, the colors are brighter and more vibrant in real-life, as are the colors in the layout. This card features paper from My Mind's Eye, as well as the L Letterpress, one of my favorite tools. It also uses the flowers from the Tropical Flourish die. Cardstock, ribbon and pearls are Stampin' Up!

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