Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bella Blvd Fabric Style- Puppet Theater


I made this for my kids for Christmas. They have a ton of puppets they've collected, mostly from Ikea, and I've always wanted them to have a big wooden puppet theater, but there just isn't room, so I made them a doorway puppet theater that when taken down can be rolled up and easily stored. The theater is held in the doorway with a tension rod. I used a 5/8" rod, but you can use whatever you can find at the store. I made this theater 32" wide because that's the width of the doors at our house. The opening for the puppets is about 20"x18."  


I inserted dowel rods at the bottom, and above and below the opening before sewing up the sides. This creates a lot of stability and structure. The curtains are on their own rod and can be un-tied and closed.


The banner was done by cutting out and sewing on yellow felt triangles. I added a ribbon trim along the top.

The kids absolutely love it.


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Bella Blvd Puppy Park Fabrics for Riley Blake Fabrics, Red fabric, Tension Rod (I used 5/8"), Dowel Rods (I used 3/8 ") x4, Yellow Felt, 1/4" turquoise ribbon


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