Sunday, October 6, 2013

American Crafts Halloween- Target Exclusive + Pebbles "Thirty One"

American Crafts has an exclusive Halloween collection this year that you can only find
at Target Stores.  It includes spooky labels, party favors, sequins, banners, and more!

These labels are my absolute favorite!  I paired them with the decorative tags from Pebbles' Thirty One collection, as well as some Thirty One patterned papers and American Crafts twine.

The sequins are beautiful.  Stars and circles and tiny specks.  They would be so cute in vellum or plastic for a card.

These hats come in a large pack and can be used as place settings at a party.  The adhesive is already on them, so you just open the package, peel and stick and you're done!
Instead of putting the icons on the white label, you can put them on the fringe and write the person's name.

You can see the book project in this photo on my last blog post.

All of these jars are old vinegar bottles that I emptied.  Some of them still have the old vinegar with old brown chili peppers.  It adds to the gross effect.

And here's the awesome banner.  This photo does not do it justice.  It's amazing.
And the best part is that all the letters are chipboard stickers, so you just peel and stick and you're done!
So cute, and so easy!

Happy Halloween!



  1. What a cool post Tiffany! I love the labels on the bottles & and they look super grouped like that on your mantle. The banner is really cute, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiffany, I wish I would have visited your blog before Halloween. I have just become your most recent FOLLOWER. Hope you will come by my blog for a visit and FOLLOW ME if you wish. Your blog is lovely, love your header.


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