Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doodlebug's Cap & Gown Collection

If you've been wondering where all my Doodlebug blogging has gone- it's because Doodlebug changed the way the design team projects are posted and I don't know which day my projects will be on there until they're there.  I'll catch you up on all my projects.

First off- these cards are on the Doodlebug Blog TODAY! :)

Doodlebug surprised us with a cute little mid-release called Cap & Gown.

Don't adjust your monitor- it's not broken-
Doodlebug removed all it's bright color to bring you a stunning and fun black and white line! :)
And the owls are just great- don't you think?

These little diplomas are found in different sizes as well as in a Mini Diploma kit :)
So cute!

See the full post HERE.


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