Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Imaginisce I-Top Buttons and Fabric! Two Projects + A Full Photo Tutorial!

Imagine the ability to create your own custom buttons for all your fabric projects!
You CAN with the Imaginisce I-Top tool and their super cool button daddies.

For these two projects I used the XL (34mm) buttons- and keep reading for a full step-by-step tutorial for using your I-Top tool with fabric.

The I-Top 2.0 has an available XL head to be used with the XL daddies.  The original (1.0) goes up to L size with an extra available head.
This fun pillow was made to match my daughter's cute (and very bright) bedding.
I made some simple ruffled rosette flowers, and then added matching buttons in the centers.
If you wanted to skip the "sewing buttons on" step, for some projects you could even use the badges and just pin them on! (not for this, though, they need to be secure for little ones).
I did the flowers and the ruffles on the sides using a ruffler foot on my sewing machine.  You can make ruffles without a ruffler foot, too, they just take a lot longer.
Here's what a ruffler foot looks like if you've never seen one.  You can adjust the width of the ruffles, too.

For this next project I used the buttons again as embellishments for my window valance.
I just made a simple (but very long) valance, added ribbon, and then pleated it which shortened it and gave it a cute effect.  Then I added the matching buttons on the pleats on both sides.

I love that I can make custom buttons for any sewing project I do!

I've got more sewing projects coming up and I'm using these again for one of them.
Can't wait to show you!

And now...


Wanna see how easy it is to create buttons (and badges, brads, magnets, etc) with the I-Top?

First of all, I used these handy-dandy tracing templates to make my perfectly sized circles.
The one on the left is for small, medium and large sized daddies.
The one on the right is for XL daddies, and as far as I remember, comes with the XL head.

 Trace the outer edge (the circle, not the star shape) and then cut out your circle with fabric scissors.

Attach your XL heads to your I-Top 2.0 (or whatever size you're using).

Place the button daddy topper on the bottom plate, face up.

Place your fabric over the daddy topper, also face up.

Make sure your fabric circle is centered.

Then squeeze.

Your topper is now covered with fabric and is now inside the top head of the tool.

Rotate the head out and tuck the edges of the fabric inside the head.

Make sure all edges are inside and tucked in tight.

Then place your button daddy bottom (or whatever bottom you're using) over the bottom head, with the outside of the button (the side you'll sew with) down inside the head.  Same with badges, etc.  The button holes, or the brad prongs, or the badge pin, etc, needs to be face down inside the head.

Turn the heads so they're facing each other again.

And squeeze.  You'll feel a little "pop" when they snap together.

Gently pull on the top head to reveal your button and remove.

And voila!  A darling custom fabric button!

Thanks for visiting and please visit the Imaginisce Blog all this week where the design team is showcasing their cool tools with lots of fun projects.

Have fun sewing!


For the pillow:
Green: Christmas Candy by Doodlebug Design for Riley Blake Fabrics
Pink Dot: Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics
Orange: Trick or Treat by Doodlebug Design for Riley Blake Fabrics
Dark Pink with Flowers: Moroccan Mirage by Kristian A Howell for Anthology Fabrics

For the valance:
Blockprint Blossom#HDJD12 Heirloom Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Westminster Fibers



  1. I don't do anything with fabric ( I guess that I am just not a sewer and am afraid of it), but your project is wonderful. Maybe you could come down tomhy house and you can whip up a valance with buttons for my sliding glass door. free room and board included along with a swimming pool.

  2. amazing projects!!! love them. thanks so much.


  3. Your projects are fabulous! I also have not tried sewing or anything with fabric but I love it. Thanks for sharing and the great tutorial on that tool. I may give that a try! Shannon

  4. OMG these projects are so adorable.

  5. OMGoodness, such the little crafter you are! I love all the cuteness on here, you are so talented Tiffany!

  6. those buttons are so cute!! i'll have to come over to try it out some time!! ;)

  7. those buttons are so cute!! i'll have to come over to try it out some time!! ;)


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