Monday, May 7, 2012

My National Scrapbook Day Celebration at Doodlebug! (Part 1 of 2)

Are you ready for the most colorful blog post you've ever seen?
No- seriously.

I was lucky enough to spend National Scrapbook Day at the Doodlebug offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and teach a class for Doodlebug as well.  An office can't have any more cuteness than this one.  What a fun place to work!  You're going to love these pics.  I'll even show you Cynthea Sandoval's office!  

This post, and all the pictures I took means that I'll have to do two posts- so here's Part 1, Part 2 is tomorrow!

I was greeted by this iconic sign as I entered the front door:
and check out the lobby!  Don't you wish every office was this fun?
Stacy Julian did a live broadcast for Big Picture Classes, as well as a scrapbooking class. She was so fun, and has such a great bubbly personality :)
 These darling bags were for all the class participants.  Each one had a key chain, button bracelet, Northridge Publishing magazines, a flower pin, note pad, name tag, 8x8 album, jewels, and page kits for the classes.  Each person also received a yummy boxed lunch with all the perfect details, from the polka dot napkin and "swimming pool" colored fork, to the cute Doodlebug colored candies. (and yes, I'm probably the only one there who didn't take a photo of their cute lunch- I was in a hurry to get to a class I was teaching :)

 I was so excited to see Cynthea and Lori again, and I got to meet Wendy!  Wendy Sue Anderson is on the Doodlebug Design Team with me, and you'll also know her from the Create: blog and Northridge Publishing magazines.
From left to right: Wendy Sue Anderson, Me (Tiffany Hood), Cynthea Sandoval (owner, founder and creative genius behind Doodlebug Design) and Lori Allred (Design Team Coordinator and Blog Coordinator).

 Now... ready for the fun part?
Entering the Doodlebug store! (only open for this special event)

 These darling banners were made of a variety of Doodlebug paper lines.  Recognize the designs?
 And look at this store!
Cynthea's brother-in-law built all of this furniture!
I want to hire him! :)

 These cute displays were at the register.

 If you're thinking "I haven't seen these border and letter stickers before" it's because they're brand spanking NEW!
They were printed the day before we were there!
I'm so excited to use them!

 Look at the adorable "Hello Spring" bird in the tree!

 Color, color, and more COLOR!
Just makes you happy, doesn't it?

 This is Doodlebug's latest fabric line for Riley Blake fabrics.
It's the "Tuxedo Collection" and it matches the "Classic Collection" of paper!
 This cute dress was actually made of paper!

Stay tuned for more fun, I'll post the second half tomorrow with more pics, including classrooms and Cynthea's office!

What did you do for National Scrapbook Day?



  1. I was dreaming of being there with you all! I think we need a Doodlebug design team meet-up at their offices. Can't wait to see more tomorrow.

  2. Oh how I wish I could have been there too!!!! Thanks for sharing all these photos and letting me experience it too, a bit. BIG hug!!!!

  3. Oh man! I want to work at Doodlebug! Or at least visit! :)

  4. Indeed, bright colours can lighten up the whole place. The rooms look like something that came out of those cute scrapbooks. I absolutely love everything about it!


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