Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doodlebug Hello Spring Birdhouses!

Hello Spring is such a darling cute and happy spring themed line.  I love all the adorable little birds and birdhouses, so when I was asked to make a home decor project with this collection I thought, what better than to make birdhouses!

These cute little houses are currently cheering up my living room, and my daughter just loves them.  She keeps wanting to play with them.

I found these unfinished birdhouses at Michaels.  The two on stands were $1.99, and the three on the bottom were $0.99!  Yes... I did say $0.99.  Awesome, huh?

Then, to cute-ify them, you'll need some acrylic paint, Doodlebug sugar coating glitter, a craft tray, and a sponge brush.

To do the glittered parts of the birdhouses, all you do is paint on the acrylic paint (don't worry about getting it everywhere, it's not going to matter) and choose a paint color that you want to show, because Doodlebug's glitter is transparent, so the paint shade will show through.  If you want a darker glittered area use a darker paint, a lighter glittered area use lighter paint.  I love that about Doodlebug's glitter.  You can kind of change it a bit to match your project.

Back to the painting... Just paint on the acrylic paint and then....

Right after you paint, like RIGHT when you put your brush down, while the paint's still wet, you're going to hold your item over the craft tray and dump glitter all over the wet paint.  Then just shake off the excess and put the remaining glitter back into the bottle (hence the beauty of the craft tray).
Sometimes glitter is full of static, so just to be safe, rub the inside of the tray with an embossing buddy before you start.  Or sometimes a dryer sheet works, too.

Then you'll embellish with paper!  To get the paper to match difficult areas, like the fronts of the birdhouses, you simply use a very thin printer paper or tissue paper and press it over the birdhouse, making imprints of the roofline and the holes and the pegs.  Then take the paper off and use it as a pattern to cut your real pieces from your scrapbook paper. (you'll want to have the paper pieces ready before you do the glitter, it'll be a mess making the patterns afterward).  Then after the glitter all you do is glue on the paper.

Use Doodlebug's Hello Spring stickers, die cuts, pearls and brads to embellish.

This cute little bee brad is from the Ladybug Garden line.

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  1. Hello Tiffany,
    The bird houses look super cute! Thanks for sharing a tip. The bird houses are best buys!


  2. Love them! Good suggestions for applying the glitter!

  3. These are super cute! I found your blog through the stampin connection and I am now following you :)


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