Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I-Magicut by Imaginisce

Imaginisce has come out with the coolest new tool that I got the pleasure of playing with last week.
It's called the I-Magicut, and it's essential for anyone like me who loves ribbon on every project they do!

The I-Magicut CUTS and SEALS ribbon!  It uses heat to cut through and then lightly melt the edges to prevent fraying.  It works like a breeze and has perfect results.  I love this thing!

We were asked to create a "ribbon project" using this tool, so I thought I'd make some ribbon bows for my daughter.  These were so quick, and I know they'll last because they won't fray and get ruined.

 I used the I-Top tool and the Twist Daddies and I-Top alligator clips and headbands.
These are so cool because you can make multiple flowers or bows and switch them out each day because they twist on and off!
 To make the bows with the I-Top Twist Daddies in the center, first you'll want to cut several strips of ribbon.  I did mine at an angle so that the ends would be pointed.
 Then I punched a hole in the center of the first strip with my Crop-A-Dile and placed it over the Twist Daddy.
 Then you'll add a longer strip of ribbon on top, looped like a figure 8.
 Keep punching holes and adding ribbon alternating between the short strips and the loops.  As you place each one on, rotate the angle so they go all the way around.  Repeat the process until you can't fit any more on.
 Then twist on an I-Top alligator clip and....
 Voila!  A cute hair bow.

You'll want to make the centers of the bows first, though. 
Let me show you how I did those.
Cut several short strips of ribbon using the I-Magicut (I used four strips on mine).   
 Intersect the strips in the center and secure with Mini Glue Dots.  Then place on the I-Top tool with a medium twist daddy top underneath. (you'll make these just like you would with paper).
 After squeezing the I-Top tool, trim off any excess length of ribbon and then press the ends of the ribbon into the center of the head, just like you would for paper.  Add the twist back, press again, and...
 You have a cute matching center for your hair bow.

The I-Magicut can also do dovetail ends.
I like to make bows before cutting my ribbon to avoid waste.
 Create your bow leaving the end on the spool of ribbon.
 Fold the end over so it's exactly in half.
 Using the angled guides on the I-Magicut tool, place the ribbon at an angle with the folded side toward the top.
 Close the tool and press the button.
(for two layers of thick cotton ribbon like this it takes a bit longer, about 10 seconds)
And there you have it!  A perfect dovetail!

To see how I made the twisty-style bow, see this tutorial for "Korker Bows."  There are lots of tutorials online and on You Tube.  You actually bake them in the oven!  Try those and all the other fun styles.  The I-Magicut makes it easy and cuts down on time.  I can see myself making a lot of these in the future.

Stop by the Imaginisce Blog to see what else the design team has come up with, and enter to win an I-Magicut of your own!



  1. How clever!!! Love your projects!! and thanks for showing how your created them! :)

  2. Waw this is great, and fab projects. Hugs,moni

  3. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing the Grosgrain Ribbon hair bow


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