Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Love Week" Home Decor Project- Imaginisce

This week on the Imaginisce Blog it's "Love Week."
Each designer was asked to create anything we wanted to that had something to do with "love."

I found this cute styrofoam heart shape at the craft store and decided it's been too long since I've done something that's home decor- and I don't have many Valentine's decorations anyway, so it was the perfect opportunity.

 I covered the heart by wrapping a single layer of 2" wide lace around it and securing the lace on the back by using a bit of hot glue from my I-Bond glue gun.  The ribbon that the heart is hanging from is also attached with hot glue.  The styrofoam did really well with the hot glue, didn't melt at all.

The embellishments for the piece are Roly Rosies by Imaginisce.  These beautiful flowers come pre-punched out and are available in fabric or paper versions in all different colors and patterns ready to be rolled.  Imaginisce also has the perfect tool that holds the end and helps twist the flower as tight or loose as you want it called the Hybrid Petal Roller.
I also added I-Rock glam rocks using a stencil kit from Imaginisce and my I-Rock tool.  Even though the rocks get scalding hot as they seal to the project, the foam did great with those as well.  I just laid the stencil on the heart and secured it in place with sewing pins as I added and heat up each rock. 
The floating "pearls" are actually corsage pins with a pearl end.

Visit the Imaginisce Blog HERE to see more "love" themed projects, and watch out for more giveaways!
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