Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doodlebug Santa's Village Home Decor and Gift Idea

I got some exciting news today!! I'm getting published for the first time!!!  I've never submitted anything for publication so I thought I'd try.  I submitted a card and a layout, so you'll see them in May 2012 in the Create: Idea Book- All About Baby.  YAY!! :)

I'm also super excited to share this cute project with you that I made using the Santa's Workshop collection from Doodlebug!  I was inspired by this ad that's in Scrapbook Trends magazine.  
 I saw this cute house in the ad and I thought "I want one of those!"

..... so I made one :)

Here's some of the items I used to create this project, so when I mention one of them you'll know what I'm talking about.
(Doodlebug's Chunky Sugar Coating Glitter in Lily White, white acrylic craft paint, sponge brushes, Mod-Podge, Aleene's Glitter Snow, Diamond Dust and a hot glue gun.)

Are you ready?
Here's my project!

Told you it was cute! ;)

It's made of wood and the storefronts are cut using the Cricut and the My Community cartridge.  The original buildings were a bank, a market, etc and I used my gypsy to remove a lot of the lines and writing on the buildings so I could make them my own. I cut out and assembled all the pieces except the Doodle Pops stickers, traced them onto wood and cut them out.  Then I painted the wood white, and Mod-Podged the storefronts onto the front of the wood the same way I did with the Turkey tutorial.  If you want to see step-by-step how to do that, see the tutorial  HERE.
When the Mod-Podge was dry, I added the Doodle Pops stickers.

The rooftops were "snowed on" using Aleene's Glitter snow.  It's like toothpaste that you can apply any way you want and it dries hard as a rock.  To get the "snow" look I dabbed it on with a popsicle stick and let some of it fall over the edge.  Then while it was still wet I sprinkled it with Doodlebug's Chunky Sugar Coating Glitter.
 The wreath is a Doodle Pops cardstock sticker, and the other characters are all from the Santa's Workshop cardstock sticker sheet.
 I also used the Fancy Frills stickers for various things, like this white door "awning," and see the cute candy cane doorknob?  It's a brad!

I hot glued the stores onto the base board before moving on to the rest of the snow.....

Doesn't this snow look nice and soft and fluffy?
Well it's not- it's hard as a rock, too.  I ran out of Aleene's Glitter Snow, and of course since it's winter time it was sold out in the store, so I found Diamond Dust, which looks like a jar full of clear shards of glass, and mixed Mod Podge with it and spread it all over the base of the board like frosting a cake, using a popsicle stick.  Then again, I sprinkled it with Doodlebug's Chunky Sugar Coating Glitter.
 I love how the glitter's iridescent, and has pink and blue hints to it when the light hits it.
 Santa and Mrs. Claus!  Cute, huh?  The doorknobs on all the buildings are all brads.
 And the sign's a Cute Cuts cut-out.
This rooftop has more Fancy Frills stickers.  The snowflake is a Doodle Pops sticker.
 and this elf is a Doodle Pops sticker, too, as well as the tree with the rhinestones.
 Here's what the rooftops look like close-up with Aleene's Glitter Snow.
 This building I added the chimney to, cut by hand.  The top of the building, and window awnings, and the trim at the bottom are all Fancy Frills stickers, and the poinsettia is a Doodle Pops sticker.
 More cute doorknob brads.

I hope you like it.  It's sure brightening up our house!
I hope your holidays are merry and bright, too!


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  1. That's adorable! You did great work! I love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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