Monday, August 29, 2011

Faux Suede Technique

I have a card on the Lifestyle Crafts blog today, and I just wanted to tell you about the technique used in making the flower. Though it looks like it's made of tissue paper or another material, it is in fact the same cardstock that was used to make the base of the card.

Die cut various sizes of circles, then crumple each one up several times to loosen the fibers in the cardstock. After 4-5 times, the cardstock will start to separate. Peel each circle, separating the layers, until you now have two circles. The two insides that were once touching each other now look like "faux suede." Layer all the flowers on top of each other with all the "faux suede" sides facing up, and crinkle the edges as desired.

Voila! Suede-looking flower!

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